Adult Learn to Skate

  • FroZEN Yoga
    • The Hottest Class on Ice

      Single Class


      Full Season unlimited



      October 22 through March 17

      Bring your practice outdoors in Central Park! Breathe, glide, meditate in the fresh air. The superb Sebastian Arango, brings a unique interpretation to 'flow' yoga. Class is modified for a wide variety of both skating and yoga practice levels. This gliding meditation is the perfect way to get thru the mid-week hump.

      Classes offered Tuesdaymornings at 9:30am and Thursday evenings at 7:00pm

      Minimum skating requirement: Skaters should be comfortable with basic forward skating and ability to glide.

  • Adult Absolute Beginners Learn to Skate
    • Adult Absolute Beginners Learn to Skate

      Season Dates October 21 through April 3

      You can learn to skate at any age!

      First time skaters, have no fear!  Specialized coaches with extensive experience in helping adults acclimate to the ice.  You will be gliding across the ice under the wide open sky in no time.  This class is held before the rink opens to the public to ensure a calm, safe environment for first-time skaters.

      Fee $475
      Fee includes unlimited classes and public session season pass for the season.
      Class Schedule Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday , Thursday & Friday  9:30am

      Skaters already comfortable on their blades who wish to hone their skating skills should check out the Foundation Skating Skills program.

  • Foundation Skating Skills
    • Adv. Beginner through Pre Bronze

      Season Dates October 21 - April 3
      Fee Options $675 full season, unlimited Foundations classes & weekday morning practice session season pass (starting at 8am, Mon - Fri)
      $325 full season, Wednesday evening classes only & public session season pass

      Do you dream of flying across the ice like "The Great One" or gliding with the grace of Peggy Fleming? Skaters with a basic level of comfort on the ice will learn fundamental skating skills:  forward & backward crossovers, stops, two-foot turns, 3-turns, mohawks.  As skaters progress, they will learn to integrate these skills  into sequences.

      Skaters comfortable with the following skills should look at the Figure Skating Academy or Pond Hockey program:  Forward & Backward Crossovers, 3-Turns, Mohawks

      Class Schedule for Foundation Skills Program

      Monday through Friday 9:00 - 9:30am
      Wednesday 7:00pm

      For more information or to arrange for an evaluation, please contact:

      Skating Director, Elise Preston [email protected]
      Assistant Director, Mikel Garcia [email protected]
      Phone 212-744-0882
  • Season Skating Passes & Lockers
    • Wollman Rink offers a variety of season pass and season locker options for locals who enjoy visiting the rink frequently during the ice skating season.

      Season Locker, large $544.38
      Season Locker, small $408.38
      Family Public Session Season Pass
      (Family pass for up to two children and two adult family members)
      Public Session Season Pass Adult $150.00
      Public Session Season Pass Child or Senior $75.00

      Freestyle Session Season Pass

      Adult or Child $750.00
      Senior $500.00

      (Freestyle sessions are Monday - Friday 6am to 10am)

      Parent Skating Pass $75.00
      (Parent Passavailable to parents of children enrolled in lessons for public session admission on child's lesson day)
      Sibling Skating Pass $50.00
      ((Sibling Pass available to siblings of children enrolled in lessons for public session admission on sibling's lesson day)

      For more information, contact:

      Skating Director, Elise Preston [email protected]
      Assistant Director, Mikel Garcia [email protected]
      Phone 212-744-0882

      Purchase Season Pases & Lockers Online

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