Main Office:

Phone: 212-439-6900
Address (mail only): 830 Fifth Avenue, New York City, NY 10065



Dale Klied, General Manager
[email protected]

212-439-6900 ext 1140

Barry Weisselberg, Manager
[email protected]

212-439-6900 ext 1144

Manny Oleaga, Manager
[email protected]

212-439-6900 ext 1145

Dave Meltzer, Director of Operations
[email protected]

212-439-6900 ext 1139

Elise Preston, Director of Skating
[email protected]

212-744-0882 ext 1142

Mikel Garcia, Assistant Director of Skating
[email protected]
212-744-0882 ext 1114

Emmanuel Peña, Office Manager, Skate School
[email protected]

212-744-0882 x1130

Gwen Weinstock, Director of Special Events
[email protected]
212-439-6900 ext 1113

Jesse Johnson, Event Sales Manager / VIP Reservations Manager
[email protected]

212-439-6900 ext 1112